Sunday, October 03, 2010

Sunday market!

This morning I went to the open-air Sunday Market in Santa Maria, a little village in the centre of the island.
It always cheers me up. I love the market vibe! It even has a corner for local organic produce.
People from Arc al Cel were there as usual, with their lovely organic baked goods. They use a certain old, local variety of spelt, called "xeixa", way more digestion-friendly than wheat. And no animal grease but olive oil!
The smell of roasted peppers filled the morning air.

Then back home I started working on a collage for the cover of a very special record we have in the works.
And some other projects. In complete black and white? Can't decide yet. Let's see what the evening brings.


Tangentine said...


Makes me want to go on holiday.

Eva said...

I really love little markets like that, it looks charming...

uniquenique01 said...

It looks stunning that market I love the vibrant colors in your pictures. Makes me want to go exploring.

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