Monday, October 04, 2010

Sweet flow

I have just changed the caption under my blog header. Most specifically, I've deleted the "paper goods" bit (because I do so much more than that, I feel it is no longer accurate) and I've added some words. I've added six words, to be exact. I would have preferred there were seven of them, you know, seven, the powerful number. But it's six, and I'm proud of having written them on top there, for everybody to see.

The sweet flow of everyday life.

I'm turning 37 on Friday, and that's how I want my life to be.

And today is a great day, because I have just made something big & scary. Or maybe small and equally scary, but it was big for me.
Let's say I've just taken the first step of what will be a big leap. And this first step, when it was just a tiny, paranoid, obsessive lump in the middle of my brain, was like an annoying brat who just kept repeating the dreaded words:

"You just can't do that. You just can't. You won't get away with it"

You know what? I just did. And that little angry, annoying knot untangled to reveal something that was there all along.
Sweet. Flow.

So there you go.
Now, if you want, do something small and scary. Of course you can. Go out and shine.

PS: Please check my new list of friends on the right. Some very talented people there, lovely artists and crafters. And also two über-inspiring bloggers who nurture me with every word:
Danielle Laporte (and I will link to a very specific post that I love, and it's this one) and Bindu Wiles
Thank you for the inspiration, girls.
Now go check'em out.


uniquenique01 said...

I love the changes and yes you do so much more than paper goods. I like six words maybe not as powerful to you as seven but six brings balance to life and we could all use some balance.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I think there comes a time when a 'sweet flow' is better than a 'raging torrent'!

Guisela said...

Hi Moon, I love the changes too! and let me give a full wishes for your upcoming birthday!! Have a great one! Ole!.
Well I must said that we like Daniel laporte inspiration and writing :D ..really love her style.
Cool post BTW

Have a great day!


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