Thursday, October 14, 2010

A sea of test prints

Yesterday weather was too wet for ink to behave properly, so I just quit my screenprinting session. I had promised (myself) that I would have my screenprinting line by October15th, so I was really keen on having it done last afternoon. Oh well.
But! Today I had a light lunch with some organic veggies + free range eggs form the market with my special savoury/fruity sauce for asparagus (crème fraiche, horseradish, red onions and thinly chopped apples) and then it was, finally, ink time.

This will be my Resolutions line. 12 resolutions, one for each month, with motivation messages that have nothing to do with quitting chocolate or stop swearing.

First two are:

Stay free
Learn to love your inner monster.
(Which is very important, as we all have one)

They will be available from my Etsy shop, as prints (ready to ship tomorrow) and later I'll add them to notebook covers. I would love to make a big screenprinted calendar as well! We'll see.

Now I'll listen to the Spiders from Mars - prints are drying, lightning outside my window, the air is full of electricity. And as we all know, and Lou Reed reminded us, electricity comes from other planets.


uniquenique said...

Glad that you got it together looking forward to seeing more ;~D

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