Thursday, November 04, 2010

Vacation time, writing time

Not really right now. But in two weeks I'll be walking the lovely streets of Berlin Kreuzberg again! And will also make time for Hamburg - it will be my first time there.

Last time I was in Berlin it was in mid August, and a heatwave was crawling through the city. We loved how locals went out in the sun in every imaginable space, even sitting on the sidewalk. We loved the terraces, the guerrilla gardening all around, the amazing breakfasts. I doubt there's a bakery I haven't got into, I tried them all! (But of course, if you happen to have a recommendation for another one, please send it on! I'd love to hear about your secret addresses in these Deutsche cities)

I guess it will be different this time, as we expect quite cold weather. I'm looking forward to it all the same!

This week NaNoWriMo started, you can see my word count here in the right side bar. It's not especially high, but not incredibly low. I could be writing more. Maybe it's time for a good spanking from my followers? Remember, I will need your encouragement as we approach the end of the month. The fact that I will be on holidays for one whole week during this write-a-thon worries me abit. Yeah, I should be writing more. (In case you were wondering, I am officially a NaNo Rebel this year: I'm writing yet another short story project! Short stories were my first love, they still are. I'll talk about them some other time)

So writing nurtures art, or is it the other way around? I find that my passions simply get along perfectly fine. I sometimes still need to find the switch between one activity and the other. My beloved Lynda Barry suggests that one keep two journals, one for writing and another one for doodling on those moments when you are kind of paralyzed and your pen does not know how to go on (Oh yes, I write A LOT by hand, even during NaNo). I love the idea of the doodling journal, and actually use it a lot, but my muse is a playful being, and after a while I'm writing, doodling and drawing in both journals so I don't know which is which. (If you have not read Lynda Barry yet, please check one of her books. "What it is" is the best invention since Indian ink.)

More new friends spread the love this week: Lovely Diana from Nine Ways Down intereviewed me for her great blog, so you can find me over there, chatting quite a bit.

Edited to add: Blogger has some sort of bug and is not allowing images right now... So the beautiful photos that should be adorning this post can be found here


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